Friday, May 24, 2013

Oklahoma // Disaster Relief

OFS BRANDS truck will be at the Huntingburg Memorial Gym to pick up supplies for the Oklahoma Disaster Relief mission. Stephanie Oxley is the senior accountant at OFS BRANDS and has volunteered to take the items to the drop-off location for us.
You will need to bring your items to church on JUNE 2 for Steph to be able to deliver them. Thank you in advance for your willingness to help those who’ve lost everything. This is an opportunity for the church to rise up and become the hands and feet of Jesus.
List of items needed:
   ð Shovels
   ð Rakes
   ð Brooms
   ð Bottled Water
   ð Gatorade
   ð Wet Wipes
   ð Individually Wrapped Snacks
   ð Hand Sanitizer
   ð Work Gloves
   ð Sunscreen
   ð Heavy Duty Trash Bags
   ð Toothpaste
   ð Toothbrushes
   ð Shampoo
   ð Conditioner
   ð Deodorant
*They are unable to accept clothes or shoes at this time.
Never forget // we are blessed to be a blessing.
grace & peace, Marc

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