Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Maria Isabel // Faith Home

The following message is from Christina Massey, Director of Faith Home Ministries. 

Maria Isabel came through the surgery great!  She is in recovery now and they say the next 24 hours are very critical....keep praying!
When we got the call today that she had just went into surgery and her mom was having a very emotional time with it, I was out on the field with the medical team.  We spread the word and when Pete honked the horn of the truck everyone stopped what they were doing and starting praying in unison.  It was a bit overwhelming to hear the  Spanish & English voices praying together.  When I finished praying, I saw the Hondurans who visited the clinic, either joining us in prayer or watching in wonder.  They may not have known what we were praying for, but I'm pretty sure they felt the power of those prayers!  What an awesome God who is working through this precious little girl's life to reach so many people!
grace and peace, Marc