Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Don’t Miss the Point

The season of Advent is a time where Christians can focus on something that is really important: JESUS. Its purpose is to prepare believers for the coming of Christ as a little tiny baby. You know how we have a tendency to say things like, “Man, Christmas really crept up on us this year.” Advent prepares us so Christmas doesn’t creep up on us.
We are some bombarded by everything around us that we have tendency to miss the point of Christmas. We are so focused on everyone around us that we forget the One who it’s all about.
I fear that some of us will go throughout the Christmas season without ever really thinking about Jesus.
We’re concerned about the presents under the tree, but not with the One who hung on a tree.
We’re too busy thinking about which family’s house we are going to on which day, but we fail to think about Jesus as the greatest Gift to the world.
We look forward to the time off work and school, but not Jesus.
This is why I love Advent. It allows us to slow down and see Jesus. The season of Advent helps us not miss the point. Jesus is the point of Christmas. Christmas is about Jesus!
Celebrate Jesus this Christmas.
Grace & Peace, Marc

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