Wednesday, August 8, 2012

i was "that guy"

i was “that guy”...
...who was always right
...who knew-it-all
...who liked to point out how wrong others were
...who wanted all the power
...who thought he had to fix others
...who never needed to say sorry; i was always right
...who gave people three strikes and then they were out
i was “that guy” and nobody likes “that guy”

i am the guy...
...who can admit when he’s wrong, which is often
...who knows he doesn’t know-it-all
...who realized how wrong he was and still can be
...who greatly desires to empower others
...who realized how broken he was
...who needs to say sorry often; i can be wrong
...who knows the power of second chances, third chances, fourth chances, fifth…
I am the guy who is desperately trying to put flesh and bones on the words of Jesus

i hope you’ll join me and allow Christ to completely change your story

grace & peace, Marc

Monday, August 6, 2012

God is light

God is light

His light reveals our sin

nothing is hidden from God

this reality is not intended to cause fear :: but freedom

Jesus knows all our sin and loves us anyway

this truth should cause us to reciprocate His love

Jesus’ love provides an avenue of forgiveness and freedom


we convince ourselves that we have nothing to confess

we need to recognize just how nasty we are

if we confess :: we are promised freedom

that freedom is made possible through Jesus’ death

do not allow the cross of Jesus to be for naught

allow his death to bring forth life

grace and peace, marc