Tuesday, January 31, 2012

it's that time again

Guess what’s just around the corner? LENT! Yeah, it’s here again. I love the season of Lent.

The reason I love this season is because it provides me an opportunity to draw closer to Jesus, which is pretty important. Right? Right! Lent is not just about giving up something that you love or crave or obsess over. 
  • Lent is about DISCPLINING ourselves and PRAYER.
  • Lent is about PREPARING ourselves for Easter.
  • Lent is about REPENTING of our sins and wrongdoings.
  • Lent is about asking the people for their FORGIVENESS.
  • Lent is about DENYING OURSELVES and accepting the cross.
  • Lent is about recognizing our desperate need for GRACE. 
This year, I want Lent to be life-changing for you. The reason we “fast” from something is in order to draw closer to Jesus. Therefore, it may be important for you to ask yourself some questions.
  • Where do I want to be in my spiritual journey when Easter morning arrives?
  • What area of my life do I need forgiveness?
  • Which spiritual discipline am I lacking?
  • What takes precedence over reading the Bible or praying?
  • How will my “fast” draw me closer to God?
Once you figure out the answers to these questions you can then figure out what you should give up for this holy season.

  • Give up a little sleep everyday and set your alarm clock 30 minutes earlier and spend some time reading Scripture and praying (don’t worry, I am giving you scriptures to focus on) 
  • Give up that chocolate bar or soda pop and donate the money to a local organization to benefit the less fortunate (do we need chocolate when there are people who don’t have bread?).
  • Give up one day a weekend to benefit the needs of your neighbor and community (do you even know your neighbor?).
  • Give up social media and actually have real life conversations with people (get to know people and have face to face dialogues).
Please pray about your Lent and make it count this year!!!

Grace and Peace, Marc

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