Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Beautifully Bald

This week was the week! My mom’s hair was getting thin, too thin to keep any sense of style. If you know my mom you know she’s a stylish soul. So when I got to my parents’ house this week she asked me to cut her hair. I cut hair. I’ve cut my hair since I was a junior in high school. I’ve cute Em’s hair, my dad’s hair, my brother’s hair and even my nephews’ hair, but I’ve never cut my mom’s hair. But I knew this wasn’t just a regular ole hair cut. This hair cut would be different from any other hair cut I’ve ever given. I was going to shave my mom’s head.

I have to be honest, I kind of panicked. I wasn’t sure how mom would react when she looked in the mirror. I wasn’t sure how I would react as I was taking the clippers to her thinning hair. I wasn’t sure how my dad would react when he saw his bride with a bald head. As I shaved her head I kept thinking how good she looked. I mean she really looked good. In fact, I hope she keeps her head shaved.  

I guess we recognize this as part of the process. Does my mom want to have chemotherapy? No! But she wants to be made well, so she will take the chemotherapy. Does my mom want a bald head? No! But she wants to be made well, so she will take the bald head. But I have to admit, she may be bald, but she is beautifully bald.

Grace & Peace, Marc


  1. Donna Is Donna, Nothing is going to change that not even that hair cut. We love you Donna!! Rich & Jan Merry Christmas.& Happy coming up New Year..........