Monday, September 12, 2011

Lunch w/ Eric

I have been blessed this semester, because I have the privilege of eating lunch with Eric. Eric works in the cafeteria and his shift is over at 12:30. After work he graces us with his presence around our table. I am happy that he has become one of my lunch buddies.

I love eating lunch with Eric, because I smile and laugh the whole time we are together. Eric is a great kid who has the unique ability to bring a smile to everyone’s face. He says some of the funniest stuff. For example, the other day Eric told me I looked like Kevin from “Home Alone.” I laughed out loud, because I do not resemble him at all. I told him I disagreed and he said, “You’re right, you look like Steve Urkel.” I have to admit I look a little like Urkel.

Eric has not developed in some areas that I have, but I realize that he has developed in areas I haven’t. Eric is kind, lovable, gracious, sensitive, friendly, pure and a whole list of other great attributes. I have learned a lot at our lunch table. I have realized the importance of bringing a smile to a person's face. I have discovered that a conversation at lunch can change the rest of a person’s day.

Therefore, I ask you a couple of questions: When was the last time you brought a smile to someone’s face? When was the last time your conversation changed someone’s day for the better?

Allow the light of Christ to shine through you today, just like Eric does at our lunch table!

Grace & Peace, Marc

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