Monday, September 19, 2011

iMarriage: Transforming Your Expectations (Andy Stanley)

The adult Sunday morning class will begin a new discussion series THIS SUNDAY (09.25.11 @9.30am EST)! We are going to be looking at Andy Stanley’s “iMarriage: Transforming Your Expectations.” Here’s the breakdown:

1: Great Expectations
We all had a picture of marriage before we said “I Do.” The problem is that our picture of marriage has become expectations that we place on our spouse…not good!

2: When Expectations Collide
Sometimes these expectations can squeeze the love and intimacy out of our marriages. Since we cannot deny these expectations, we need to learn how to deal with them.

3: One to Another
To have a Christian marriage we have to get to the place where neither spouse feels like the other one owes them anything. This is all about mutual submission folks!

4: Husbands & Wives
Husbands and wives need to start loving and submitting to each other; this is God’s recipe for a great marriage.

5: It Takes Three
God needs to be part of your marriage. In fact, God is the one who fulfills our needs and desires, not our spouse.

6: Box Talk
This session will give us insights into how to talk about our desires in marriage.

Each week we will have a 10-15 minute video over each session and then we will discuss what we have learned. I have ordered workbooks for each couple to have and to hold and to cherish and to complete. I hope this series is meaningful to you and your marriage. Since God created marriage, it might be important for us to work on ours. Hope to see you Sunday!!!!

Grace & Peace, Marc

PS. I have watched the sessions and I can already see the areas I will be working on!

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