Sunday, August 14, 2011

Obtaining Faith & Asking Questions

This morning (08.14.2011) we talked about Jesus & Thomas (JN20.24-29). The reality is you and I are like Thomas. But guess what? It’s okay! It is okay to have doubts and questions. Once we ask the questions and bring voice to our doubts, our faith can strengthen and that really should be the goal. The problem is that we have been conditioned to believe that questions and doubts are bad, real bad.

When I think about this I consider my son’s constant desire to question everything I tell him.

Me: Mac, eat your green beans.
Mac: Why?
Me: Mac, don’t put your chair on the TV stand.
Mac: Why?
Me: Mac, don’t stand on the glass end table.
Mac: Why?
*every follow-up response is received with more whys.

You see, Mac doesn’t question me because he is trying to be disrespectful, but rather he asks in order to know and understand. In fact, as I wrote this Mac put a cap in his mouth and I told him to take it out and he asked why.

As you go throughout this week remember this: the only way to get answers is to ask the questions. The only way to obtain faith is to have your doubts settled. May your questions be answered and your faith strengthened this week.

Grace & Peace, Marc

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