Saturday, August 20, 2011

"Hitting for Honduras"

Today was a great day!!! We raise enough money for our beans and rice campaign, plus some extra to pass out eggs and lard, yes lard (it's what they use).

A huge thanks to everyone who made this event a success, you are all amazing. Our church's willingness to serve never ceases to amaze me!!! My life is richly blessed because of our partnership in the gospel. A big thanks to all the teams who made up this tournament!!! And to those who bought a hot dog, ate a hamburger, drank a pop, took home a t-shirt...THANK YOU!!! Your donations made this event worth it all. And finally, a special thanks to Chad and Charity for all your hard work in organizing this tourney. You guys rock!!!

Check out some of the pics from "Hitting for Honduras."

Thanks again for all your support and love.

Grace & Peace, Marc

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